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What’s Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dish?

Well, growing up in south Louisiana we live to eat and not eat to live.   Everything we do usually revolves around food and the kitchen is the most popular meeting spot at gatherings.   When we do have gatherings, the main question asked is “what kind of food will we be having?”  Thanksgiving is no different when it comes to people asking the question.  See, you just never know what is going to be on the menu in the house of a cajun.

Turkey is usually on the menu but that is the extent of the “Traditional” Thanksgiving dinner.  If the turkey is baked,  it is usually served with rice and turkey gravy.  Most times, the turkey is injected with a cajun concoction then rubbed with cajun spices and deep fried till its golden brown.  We cajuns have even gone as far as stuffing a turkey with a duck that has been stuffed with a chicken “Turducken”!  My mouth is watering as I write this.  In our house, seafood gumbo is a thanksgiving favorite along with stuffed mirlitons and occasionally charbroiled oysters.

So, as we approach the thanksgiving holiday I ask you “what is your favorite dish”?  Please feel free to attach the link to a recipe that you love, or a picture of one of your favorite dishes.  Let’s share and spread our love of food to the world!